Dynavap Tectonic

Dynavap Tectonic

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The Tectonic is a specialty stem, paired with a DynaVap Stainless Steel Tip (2020) and a Captive Cap to make a full unit.


Stem Features:

EDC inspired design

Airflow Control Ring w/ Dual or Single Port

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel, Built to Last

"Flared" Hollow Point 510 Drip Tip w/ Airflow Control

Spiralized Air Inner Chamber

"Flared" Reduced Diameter Condenser (O-ring free)

Textured Handle / Added Weight

Ultra Thin Cooling "Heat Fin"

13.5mm Indented Airflow Ring to Prevent Rolling off a flat Surface

12mm Diameter Body



x1 Simple Packaging

x1 Etched "Hollow Tip" 510 Drip Tip

x1 Tectonic Stem

x1 Stainless Steel Airflow Ring Set

x1 Electroplated Gunmetal Airflow Ring Set

x1 Spare o-rings

x1 Stainless Steel Tip (2020)

x1 Captive Cap

*All parts interchangeable w/ Shell-Shock Stem*

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