Quick Fix Urine Belt Kit

Quick Fix Urine Belt Kit

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  • Belt preloaded with 4oz of Quick Fix synthetic urine, the best fake pee on the market. 
  • Reusable urine pouch; refill it with more Quick Fix synthetic urine!
  • Perfect for pranks or when simulating fetish-type situations with your partner. 


Rest assured that your urine will be ready to go at a moment’s notice with just the flip of a switch. The Quick Fix Pro Belt Kit is easy to use and a highly effective way to carry synthetic urine.

Each prefilled kit contains 4oz of fake pee and comes with a heat pack capable of keeping your urine warm for up to 5 hours. Four ounces of urine is more than enough for most uses.

Being able to conceal your fake pee is absolutely essential to some people, like for a prank or when simulating fetish-type situations with your partner. No need to mess around with huge syringes or to mix powder and water together. These prefilled Quick Fix Pro kits include everything you need to get up and running in just a few minutes. Just heat up the Quick Fix Belt in your microwave for 7-10 seconds, check the temperature strip, strap the warmer to the bag and wrap it around your waist. You will be good to go for at least the next 5 hours, plenty of time to make use of lab created, pH balanced urine.


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