The Source Vive 2-in-1 Vaporizer

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  • 2-in-1 Vaporizer
  • 510-Threaded Attachment
  • Nectar Collector
  • Removable Airpath



The Source Vive is a 2-in-1 device made and manufactured by SOURCEvapes. This dual-purpose vape pen acts as both a honey straw (nectar collector) and a 510-threaded battery allowing you to consume your select 510-threaded cartridges as well as your select wax concentrates in a simple and a straightforward unit.

The Source Vive is only the size of a standard vape pen which means you can take it almost anywhere you go and consume both thick oils and wax concentrates whenever, wherever. It’s the ultimate dabbing and vaping tool every consumer needs to have in his arsenal. The Source Vive is the perfect device to help kick off the revival of the SOURCEvapes brand. A versatile and practical device you can take almost anywhere you need to go, the Source Vive helps embody the company’s values providing its consumers with high-quality multi-functional devices.

The Source Vive also features a removable airpath which allows you to enjoy easy and seamless maintenance of this unique and simple device.

The Source Vive is perfect for those who are always on-the-go and those who lead an active lifestyle. If you ever find yourself living the lively lifestyle, make sure to check out the Source Vive and experience the benefits of using a compact and portable dual-function vaporizer only from SOURCEvapes. Make sure to get your Source Vive only here at VapeActive.


The Source Vive is a dual-purpose vaporizer that offers you the experience and the benefits of using two devices for only the price of one. You're getting a 510-threaded battery for your cartridges and a full-fledged nectar collector for when you feel like dabbing wax concentrates. The Source Vive ensures that you have all the tools you need for consuming extracts of various kinds.

First, the 510-threaded link can accommodate various sizes of cartridges since it has no chamber. This only means that it is compatible with a wide range of cartridges that are available on the market. You do not have to compromise your experience and can enjoy consuming almost any kind of cartridge that would fit the 510-threaded connection making the Source Vive a universal tool for administering the healthy and psychoactive benefits of consuming extracts from various strains. All you need to do is to twist the battery and turn the cartridge against it until you feel resistance and with a press of a button, voila! Vapor is served. You can use it easily and conveniently even if you have no prior experience using a vaporizer, using the Source Vive comes naturally as all other vaping devices from SOURCEvapes are.

Likewise, the Source Vive can be used to dab wax concentrates from a container or a dab mat. Flipping the vape pen over exposes the touch-style atomizers that can be used to press against various forms of wax concentrates, from thick and dense to almost dry and solid. The same way you operated the battery, you can do to operate the nectar collector. Just put your wax concentrates in a jar or in a container and you can vape to your heart’s content.

The 510-threaded cartridge vaporizer is ideal for medicating patients who have received prescriptions for natural forms of medication like CBD oils and other forms of extracts. On the other hand, those who consume wax concentrates for recreational purposes can enjoy the hard-hitting pulls they can get from the nectar collector. Instead of having to load wax concentrates in a small and tiny atomizer, the Source Vive allows you to pull from the battery and dab straight from your wax jar. This eliminates any kind of limitation that may stop you or prevent you from dabbing to your full potential. Those with a high tolerance will enjoy using the Source Vive and enjoying the benefits they will reap from using this one-of-a-kind device. If you’re in search of a highly-functional and practical device, make sure to check out the Source Vive 2-in-1 Vape Pen and Honey Straw, only here at the home of the best devices on the market.


One of the most important parts of maintaining a vaporizer is cleaning and we cannot stress it hard enough that cleaning your vaporizer is vital to your health and the longevity of your vaporizer. The Source Vive is outfitted with a removable airpath that lets you easily and conveniently clean one of the dirtiest parts of any vaporizer – the airpath. The airpath is where warm vapor passes and therefore can add moisture to the surfaces of the airpath. When the moisture and dirt, irritants, and other microorganisms mix together, it can produce resinous buildup that can maybe hard and tough to remove. By having a removable airpath, you can easily clean it up and consequentially enjoy clean and pure vapor production which will let you enjoy a great experience when using the Source Vive 2-in-1 Vape Pen and Honey Straw.

This also adds to the longevity of the device as these buildups can accumulate over time and cause the battery to work harder which will then cause other parts and components of the device to work harder and lead to an unnecessary breakdown. So, make sure to buy a vaporizer that’s designed and engineered to protect itself with cleaning and maintenance systems that will keep you and the vaporizer safe. The Source Vive is the perfect 2-in-1 vaporizer for consumers who are conscious about their health and the overall quality of the vapors they inhale, which is only right because whatever you inhale is absorbed by your body and is passed through your system. Anything that might harm you will be counterproductive and will just contradict the purpose of why you vaporized the material you’re consuming in the first place instead of having to burn and combust it.

Keep yourself safe by cleaning your vaporizer regularly and no other portable vaporizer allows you to do that than the Source Vive 2-in-1 Vape Pen and Honey Straw.


  • 1 x Source Vive Kit

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