Elevate Colfax Dugout Kit

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The Elevate Colfax Dugout is an instant classic that is sure to have your friends asking where you got it from! This is truly the perfect travel accessory for any discerning smoker and you will be proud to own the Elevate Dugout.

Made from a super-dense wood, this smoking dugout is designed to last a lifetime and will fit into any professional aesthetic. Whether you're 25 and want that high-class feel so you can show off to your friends or you're 55 and have been searching most of your life for something better, this dugout is for you.

The Benefits of Using an Elevate Dugout

The Colfax Dugout Kit excels in a few areas. First, there’s the quality. You deserve a dugout that will last through time. Because this product is made from high-quality wood and durable aluminum, it will last.

Another way in which this product stands out is its appearance. No one wants a dugout that is drab or cheap in appearance. With several color options available, the Elevate Dugout has a look you’ll love. You can store your one-hitter in a stylish manner.

Finally, this smoking dugout is user-friendly! Rather than struggling, get your pipe out with ease thanks to a magnetic top closure. When it comes to ease of use, this product is hard to beat. In fact, you might find it difficult to switch to anything else. To save on dugouts and other smokeware while racking up points to earn free products, be sure to join our rewards program.

The Elevate Dugout has all of the following features:

  • Made from High-Quality Wood and Aluminum
  • Magnetic Top Closure
  • Elevate Glass Joint Included
  • Engraved Elevate Decal
  • Size: 3.5" x 2" x 1"
  • Available in Maple and Walnut
  • Available in Black or Silver Aluminum
  • Available with Black, Clear or White Glass Joint
  • Made in the USA

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