Terms and Conditions

These are the general terms and conditions for the online shop http://www.vapormedicare.com/ of the company:

Alceone Trade Corp.
Quezon City, Philippines

Alceone Trade Corp. owns and runs the website http://www.vapormedicare.com for commercial purposes and provides the customer with a platform to purchase products.

§ 1 Shipping
(1) The Shipping of goods, on behalf of our policy, is limited to the continent of Asia. Exceptions can be made upon request.
(2) Every order is treated individually; therefore the customer has the option to inform us about special arrangements to be made in regard to the shipping of the products and the courier.
(3) Every shipment and its costs are calculated individually for each order, which is made transparent to the customer, before entering a binding purchase contract.

§ 2 Selection of Products
(1) The customer acknowledges that the products on this site are intended for persons 21 years and above. The customer hereby states that he or she is 21 years and above when pursuing a transaction with Vapor Medicare. The customer will hold full liability if found guilty in cause of fraudulent conduct, while Vapor Medicare and its associates hold no liability nor responsibility for the case.
(2) The customer has the possibility to select and order products from the above mentioned website.
(3) The customer can view the products and then get it touch with Vapor Medicare. 
(4) Before the order is shipped, the customer has the chance to review his order and follow the payment instructions provided.
(5) When the company receives the payments for the goods, they will be delivered to the customer

§ 3 Revocation / Returns
(1) Customers have the right to choose and make a canvass of prices, once a sale is done and the product has no defect, you can neither return it nor ask for a refund.
(2) We do not accept a change of mind once a sale is done.
(3) A buyer can exchange defective goods according to the Warranty and Returns Policy, only as long as the buyer can present other proofs of purchase and within 3 days of the purchasing date. 

§ 4 Prices
(1) The prices which are applicable are the ones listed at the time of the purchase, as they were displayed on the website.
(2) The company is not liable to enter a contract in case of errors made to the prices on the website, in which case the customer will be informed prior to entering a binding contract.

§ 5 Conclusion of Contract
(1) The offers of Vapor Medicare on the website remains free, meaning that the company cannot be held liable in case the company does not have the desired product in stock or when it cannot be delivered.
(2) A contract comes into being, only when the company Vapor Medicare confirms the order

§ 6 Fulfillment of Contract
(1) Vapor Medicare will consider inquiries in relation to the order, short notice adjustments, broadening or narrowing of the order will be acknowledged if the customer informs the company within a timely manner, so that adjustments can still be made. Vapor Medicare will consider these if at that time it is still possible.

§ 7 Terms of Payment
(1) Vapor Medicare delivers when the customer has, in full, paid the amount owing to the company.
(2) The company accepts cash, direct bank transfer, Gcash and other eligible payment options

§ 8 Warranty and Liability
(1) The limit to be followed is the duration of the issued warranty which differs from device to device.
(2) Vapor Medicare provides the customer with a warranty for the first 3 Days of receiving the products as per invoice receipt.
(3) If the defect on a product is caused by the consumer, the warranty is automatically void. Customers can no longer demand for exchange or refund.
(4) Warranty processes differ from brand to brand feel free to inquire the warranty terms for the device you wish to purchase. Final approval for the warranty claim will be based on the warranty policy of the particular company or brand.

(5) Vapor Medicare Philippines shall not be responsible for any additional costs that may be incurred for the warranty claim. However Vapor Medicare Philippines shall make a reasonable effort to assist you in processing the warranty claim. 
(6) The company Vapor Medicare cannot be held liable against any health damages resulting from the use and/or misuse of our products. The company is free from any or all liability for any loss, property damage, personal injury, or death, including any such liability that may arise out of the negligence of any of the indemnities and in cases of civil unrest, and fraudulent attempt.
(7) In the event that the brand / manufacturer goes out of business, pandemic event, logistical limitations, government regulations and the unit cannot be warranty claimed, Vapor Medicare shall not be held liable.

(8) Vapor Medicare Philippines shall not be liable if the said company or brand chooses to reject or disapprove of the warranty claim after their investigation and findings.

§ 9 Data Protection
(1) No data concerning the privacy and personal information of the customers will be given out, unless claimed by the customer itself given he is claiming his entitled copy of the order form and contract.
(2) Upon request of the customer, Vapor Medicare can remove the personal details such as Name, Birthday and Address of a customer from the order forms, contracts and other documents. 

Version Number: 008 Date: Oct 5, 2020

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