Warranty and Returns Policy

These are the Warranty Terms and Return Policy for the online shop http://www.vapormedicare.com/ of the company:

Alceone Trade Corp
Quezon City, Philippines

Vapor Medicare owns and runs the website http://www.vapormedicare.com for commercial purposes and provides the customer with a platform to purchase products.

Warranty / Returns Policy

a) For Cartridge Batteries

Vapor Medicare will provide a 7 day replacement warranty. Please keep the original packaging and keep your device in good condition to be eligible for the replacement. After 7 days your device will go under the manufacturer's warranty. Manufacturer's warranty will depend on the company / brand and subject to their findings and investigation. Please get in touch with us for the warranty claim

b) Vaporizer Devices

Return processes differ from brand to brand feel free to inquire the terms for the device you wish to purchase. Final approval for the warranty claim will be based on the return policy of the particular company or brand.

Vapor Medicare will provide you with 3 days to check your device for any operating issues. Please follow the proper handling, charging and care of your device. Failure to do so may result in a rejection of the replacement warranty

Vapor Medicare Philippines shall not be responsible for any additional costs that may be incurred for the warranty claim. However Vapor Medicare Philippines shall make a reasonable effort to assist you in processing the warranty / return claim.

The company Alceone Trade Corp / Vapor Medicare cannot be held liable against any health damages resulting from the use and/or misuse of our products. The company is free from any or all liability for any loss, property damage, personal injury, or death, including any such liability that may arise out of the negligence of any of the indemnities and in cases of civil unrest, and fraudulent attempt.

In the event that the brand / manufacturer goes out of business, pandemic event, logistical limitations, government regulations and the unit cannot be warranty claimed, Vapor Medicare shall not be held liable.

Vapor Medicare Philippines shall not be liable if the said company or brand chooses to reject or disapprove of the warranty claim after their investigation and findings.

c) Glass and other accessories

Please thoroughly check your items upon receiving them kindly notify us as soon as you find a defect / issue / damage with your order. Do not use them first as we do not accept a used accessory / glass product. 


Vapor Medicare Philippines does not accept a change of mind when a device or order is working properly and will not approve a request for a cash refund. We will gladly replace a device / product if found defective or damaged

Version Number: 008 Date: Oct 5, 2020

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