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Grav 5" Mini Steamroller w/ Silicone Skin

Points needed: 20,000

The GRAV Mini Steamroller with Silicone Skin features a casing of soft touch, brightly colored silicone that cushions our classic glass Mini Steamroller. The silicone extends beyond the glass to act as a buffer in every direction, making the steamroller virtually shatterproof. This chic and futuristic piece features an ergonomic silicone mouthpiece that lines up with a glass inverted ash catching mouthpiece to deliver extra smooth hits.

₱200 Discount

Points needed: 20,000

Free Phlip Philter Air Filter

13,000 Points

₱100 Discount

10,000 Points

Free MAX Pen Battery
Gun Metal

10,000 Points

Free Honest Triple
Flame Black

8,500 Points

Free DynaVap 110mm Adapter

8,000 Points

100% off Dab Cap (White)

7,000 Points

Free Santa Cruz x Creature Shredder

7,000 Points

Free Rowll Rolling Paper King

7,000 Points

Free Silicone AshTray Debowler

5,500 Points

Free ROOR One Hitter Taster

5,500 Points

Free Smojo Permanent Screen

5,500 Points

100% off Boveda 62% Small

5,000 Points

Free Dry Vaporizer Mixer Tool

5,000 Points

Free Glass Gem Juan Hitter

5,000 Points

Free Shred N Stash Clear

5,000 Points

Free Bee Line Wick 108 Inches

4,500 Points

Free RAW King Size Cone

4,500 Points

Free 10mm Bent Bowl

4,500 Points

Free 18mm Funnel Male Bowl

4,500 Points

Free 14mm Funnel Male bowl

4,500 Points

Free Integra Boost 62% RH

4,500 Points

Free King Palm King Pre Rolls

4.200 Points

Free Black Metal Wax Wallet

4, 000 Points

Free Medic Airtight Container

3,500 Points

Free Non-Stick Wax Container

3,000 Points

Free OCB Slim King Size

3, 000 Points

Free OCB Rolling Paper 1 1/4

3, 000 Points

Free Genius Tru Taste Screen

2,000 Points

Free Medic Pipe Cleaner 6"

1,500 Points

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