Original Genius Pipe (Surgical Steel)

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Hidden inside Genius is a patented dimple design that creates millions of micro vortexes with every breath. These vortexes act as a clever filter that cleans and cools smoke without water.

With vaporizers, bongs, and pipes you lose the best part of the experience, the taste. If all tobacco, dry herb and concentrates tasted and smelled the same, there wouldn’t be hundreds of strains available to us. Because with Genius you no longer need water to cool your smoke, this revolutionary product allows you to experience original flavor and aroma just like the nature intended!

Cooler smoke means no more burned lungs and throat, unpleasant experiences and coughing.

It’s incredibly sleek, discreet, and small enough to fit in your handbag, purse, or pocket. It’s perfect for whatever setting you find yourself in. Also, it has a cover. You can pack a bowl, put it in your pocket just like a phone, and when you get to your destination, it’s still packed.

The magnetic sliding cover will protect from spilling and help contain the smell. Keep it out in the open before the eyes of many and chances are no one will know what it is (although, it could be a conversation starter). Slide'N'Smoke through the logo in the cover for the most efficient draw! Push back when you're done to extinguish the bowl and preserve your material.
When you're not using the cover, the magnets conveniently hold it in place underneath. You can also use the rounded corners of the slider to stir and empty the bowl.
Genius Pipe is designed for maximum draw effect. This means that you can fill your lungs with smoke without unpleasant burning sensation or coughing.
Pipe smoking tips:
Exhale and then start slowly inhaling the smoke.
Air flows freely through the pipe so no extra suction effort is required. 
Stop inhaling when you feel that your lungs are filled with sufficient amount of smoke.

*Note that the smoke will be cooled to the room temperature so an inexperienced Genius Pipe smoker might inhale way more smoke than desired. This extra smoke might cause coughing. If this happens, try to inhale more slowly and in lesser amounts. For best results, simply breathe through the Genius Pipe instead of sucking.

How to care for your Genius pipe:
This work of art pipe is made from the highest grade aluminum which undergoes a special anodizing treatment in order to provide a cool and healthy experience every time you smoke it.
Genius is extremely durable and does not require any special care. When it comes to cleaning the Genius, it could be the easiest pipe to clean on the market. The pipe is held together by 12 super strong magnets. The magnets ensure a snug fit that will hold up as long as you own the pipe, which also makes it incredibly easy to clean on the go.

All you have to do is:
-Separate the top from the bottom
-Wipe it down with 70% alcohol
-Slap it back together
...And it’s as clean as the first time you used it!

The medical-grade anodized finish will also aid in cleaning off any tough, sticky residue and will sustain heavy use without damage to the pipe’s beautiful look.

*Please do not use any professional pipe cleaners. The harsh chemicals they contain may ruin the beautiful look of your pipe.*

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