Dynavap Twin Tower Glass Stem

Dynavap Twin Tower Glass Stem

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Made of thick glass, each stem perfectly fits TWO stainless steel or titanium DynaVap tips. The dry version features the cooling nipples of our Hula and Hula XL stems with the comfortable mouthpiece of our Aristocrat stems plus a shotgun carb for total control. The wet version is designed with a frosted multi-sized adapter to fit any standard receiving joint, so now you can also double up when using your favorite water tool.

* Please be gentle and twist the tip into the adapter when inserting, glass stems need a higher degree of care than metal stems *


Key Features:

    - Combine  with TWO DynaVap tips
    - Dry version is 3.5", wet version is 4.5"
    - Works with stainless steel or titanium tips
    - Wet features 10mm, 14mm and 18mm adapter end

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