Dynavap WoodWynd

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Dive deeper into the world of the WoodWynd vaporizer, where every draw delivers an unmatched vapor quality that elevates your senses. The following are attributes that distinguish the WoodWynd: 

  • Slim ergonomic stem design for an easier grip
  • Microdosing capabilities with the adjust-a-bowl feature in the Helix Tip
  • Even roast of your herb due to thicker chamber walls in the Helix Tip
  • Fits snugly with 10mm water piece openings, even without a taper
  • Simple airflow control with oval airport positioned at the waist of the stem
  • Mouthpiece contains a mimicked triple helix to match the Helix Tip and snaps securely into the condenser without o-rings
  • Caps are made entirely from medical-grade stainless steel

**This is a natural wood product - wood grain and coloration will vary**


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