Exxus Snap VV Oil Cartridge Battery Vaporizer

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Cartomizer for the Exxus Snap VV

  • You'll still get the 3” tall by 1” wide sleek device. The magnetic connection? It's still there. Just slip the atomizer into the chamber on the chassis and it snaps into place. Other key features of this mod include the ability to accommodate larger cartomizers and charging with Micro USB. The built-in battery is powerful enough to sustain several vaping sessions before needing a recharge.


  • Exxus Snap VV Battery
  • Large Magnetic Ring
  • Small Magnetic ring
  • USB Charging Cable
  • User Manual


♦Empty Cartridge is NOT available

♦It works/ Fit  with all 510 threaded cartridges as long as they are less than 11mm in diameter.

♦Smart Cartridge does not work with this battery or in any auto puff cartridge batteries. We recommend the Exxus Plus (click here to check) for the Smart Cart brand.


♦ For longer cartridges we recommend the Exxus Snap Extender (P345)


WARNING: Do not charge with a powerbank of 5V or higher. Do not charge in your car. Do not overcharge or use any other charging cable other than what comes with your battery. Failure to follow these instructions could result in battery damage and frying of the internal system.


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