POTV One/ Fenix Mini 3D Cooling Mouthpiece

POTV One/ Fenix Mini 3D Cooling Mouthpiece

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The 3D Flow Stem features striking and functional divots throughout the length of the stem to increase the surface area your vapor passes by. The increased surface area allows for more cooling of the vapor, resulting in a smoother draw. The divots do not affect the airflow in any way, and the stems provide a clear draw for large and cool hits. The 3D Stem is miles ahead of the included plastic mouthpiece!



    - Made for One Vaporizer
    - Divots are visually striking and functional
    - The increased surface area provided by the 3D divot design allows for cooler vapor and better draws than a traditional stem
    - Great airflow, easy to clean
    - Durable glass construction

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