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Genius Pipe Limited Edition

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Name: “Psychedelic”

Release Date: 09/22/16
Version: 4.5

Our Genius designers keep expanding the inner workings of their minds. Psychedelic Genius is another product of such inspiration.

We hope this pipe will keep you company on your many journeys, whether they are soul searching or searching for a place you can be one with nature. Part of our Limited collection, this pipe is offered while supplies last so hurry and get this collectible piece now!


Name: “Saṃsāra”
Release Date: 07/26/18
Version: 5.0 


Samsara Collection is our interpretation of a thousand-year-old Eastern belief. The design refers to the continuous flow and repeating cycle of Birth, Life, and Reincarnation, with an elevation of the natural world to a higher state, as described by one of the oldest philosophies - Zoroastrianism.

We managed to find the balance of ancient philosophy and contemporary engineering to make this product fit your expectations. Elegant, aesthetic and enigmatic, this piece of art is for people with exquisite taste.


Pipe Name: "Made In Wonderland"
Limited Edition
Released: 7/10/2016
Contributing Artist: Sean Dietrich
Version: 5.0

Introducing another great collaboration with artist, Sean Dietrich. 

A word from the artist:

As far as having my artwork put on Genius Pipes, the decision was simple once I saw the product.  The pipes are elegant and at first, glimpse, look like something Apple computer would have designed.  Genius Pipes are far from the norm and the obvious, which fits in with the direction my art strives to take, so to partner with them on some cool designs just made sense.  - Sean Dietrich 

A bit of honey for your tea, or some 710 to pounce on your lungs?  You decide...honestly...it depends on the market and where it's being sold.  Double meanings bring in so much more cash!


Name: “Passion”
Release Date: 01/21/16
Version: 5.0

Whether it be music, art, or any other way of expressing your inner Self, you always rely on that incredibly powerful engine in your heart called passion.

Inspired by Grateful Dead music, this pipe is designed for those who cannot imagine their life without being true to their creative spirit.

Available in Black and Sunset!


Name: “Through The Universe”
Release Date: 09/12/18
Version: 5.0

Stargazing just got a lot easier. You don't need to wait for clear skies anymore. Just look at your Genius Pipe, your own private piece of Universe. It'll send you to the stars  :)