GRAV® Wedge Bubble (Smoke)

GRAV® Wedge Bubble (Smoke)

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You'll never underestimate the effects of small bongs ever again with GRAV's Wedge Bubbler Bong. The ergonomic and eye-catching triangular design is certainly a one-of-a-kind shape that will garner the attention of your closest smoking buddies. Standing at an extremely modest 12cm (5"), the Wedge Bubbler Bong is purposfully designed to hold minimuial water while still producing deceptively large lung-busting rips every single time. The size also means it's fantastic to hold and grip while in use as well as being the ultimate travel companion when you're out and about. It features a fixed two-hole fission downstem for supreme filtration and it comes with a male 14mm Cup Cone Piece for so you're ready to go as soon as it arrives. The small mouthpiece is comfrtable to use and the sturdy base ensures it remains stable on flat and even surfaces. Plus, the best thing about this bong is that it comes in a magnifcant smoke coloured glass that afdds that extra finessess you've been looking for in your next glassware piece.

What's Included:

  • GRAV Wedge Bubbler Bong - Smoke
  • GRAV 14mm Cup Cone Piece


  • Height: 12cm (5")
  • Filtration: Two-hole fission downstem
  • Smoke coloured glass
  • Joint: 14mm female


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