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Hula Stem V2 XL For DynaVap (75 mm)

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The Hula Stem V2 XL works with a Stainless or Titanium DynaVap Tip to add cooling and the purity of glass to your DynaVap experience. Simply place any DynaVap Tip onto the Hula Stem XL and heat like normal. The Stem will help to cool down your vapor with its indentations that add surface area to the vapor pathway. By replacing your current DynaVap body with a glass Hula Stem V2 XL, you are creating an incredibly pure vapor path, many people prefer glass even to the higher end metals like Titanium.

** DynaVap Tip NOT included.

Key Features:

    - Indentations add surface area and help to cool vapor
    - Enhanced tighter fit
    - Add the purity of glass to the DynaVap
    - 3" total length