Ardent Nova FX Infusion Press Replacement Screens

Ardent Nova FX Infusion Press Replacement Screens

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About Product

Whether you’ve been really putting your Infusion Press to work, or you’re just looking to give your kitchen tools a springtime refresh, the new Infusion Press Replacement Screens help make your must-have accessory work like brand new!

Strain without worry and preserve the integrity of your infusions with the Ardent FX Infusion Press Replacement Screens.

What’s Included

4 replacement screens (2 sets of 2)

How to Use

To replace the screens on the Infusion Press, carefully unscrew the metallic end piece attaching the screens and strain tools from the pole. Remove the old screens and dispose of them, then begin sandwiching the new screens between the metallic stabilizing piece, or cross plate, (which should be closest to the bottom of the device when attached to the FX,) and the spiral plate, which sits on top. Use the Infusion Press by removing the lid of your FX device and replacing it with the silicone lid of the Press. Gently push down the pole to separate the raffinate from the infusion. Pour the infusion out of the FX from the Infusion Press spout and into the air-tight container of your choice.

Compatible With

The Infusion Press Replacement Screens are compatible with the Ardent FX Infusion Press



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