OCB Organic Hemp Single Wide

OCB Organic Hemp Single Wide

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OCB rolling papers are 100% natural and organic. They are made using hemp, which is grown on organic farms in France. They produce mild flavors and burn evenly for an incredible smoking experience. 

Mellow flavor

OCB rolling papers don’t have a robust flavor like others on the market. Hence you can taste the flower properly.

Better Sealing

Each paper is ultra-thin and has an Arabic gum strip attached that helps to seal it firmly every time. These papers stick much better than regular RAW papers. They can be rolled up easily; hence they are also preferred by first-time smokers or less experienced smokers.

Environmental-Friendly papers and packaging

The papers are made with pure and organic hemp, which is harmless to the environment. They are not processed with chlorine or other chemicals.  The packaging of the papers is also environmentally friendly. The package is made using recycled cardboard, which not only looks appealing but is also good for the planet. The pack comes with two pre-rolled cones, rolling tips, and a complimentary pack of OCB ultimate papers.

Each pack of papers has 50 leaves inside. These papers will work well if you’re searching for something that’s easy to use and benefits the planet. The single wide size is preferred by most smokers.

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