Raw 300s Organic Hemp 1 1/4"

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For the ultimate experience in rolling paper satisfaction, look no further than RAW Organic Hemp Creaseless 1¼ Rolling Paper! These high-quality papers are made from 100% organic hemp and provide a clean, even burn every time. Each pack contains 300 sheets for plenty of enjoyment and convenience. Plus, the creaseless design means you won't have to worry about uncomfortable or uneven burning rolls. With RAW Organic Hemp 1¼ Rolling Papers, you can enjoy your smoking session with confidence and ease. Try them today and see why RAW is at the top of the game when it comes to rolling paper excellence! Make sure to pick up your box of 40 packs so you never run out! Get your hands on RAW Organic Hemp Creaseless 1¼ Rolling Paper today! Enjoy the perfect smoking experience every time with RAW. 

  • Size: 1 1/4
  • Dimensions: 78mm x 44mm
  • 300 Sheets/Pack

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