ROOR One Hitter Taster

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This simple glass chillum from ROOR is based on the classic wood and stone chillums that have been used for centuries by many cultures to smoke and enjoy herbs. The chillum measures 10.2 cm / 4 inches in length and is super easy to use. Simply load the bowl end with your favorite dry herb or tobacco mix, fire it up and and inhale through the mouth piece. The glass chillums straight airway cools your smokey hit before it enters your lungs resulting a more enjoyable hit.

The one-hitter chillum is easy to clean and has a pinch by the mouthpiece to prevent unwanted ash and herb crumbs from moving further down the pipe and into your mouth. The portable chillum is decorated with white ROOR decal and is small enough to safely slip into your pocket for easy transport.

If you are looking for a great performing portable device to enjoy your herbs while out and about, then this ROOR Glass Chillum is a great choice.

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