Scrape & Stir Tool Stainless Steel 4"

Scrape & Stir Tool Stainless Steel 4"

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Sometimes your tools need tools, the Scrape & Stir Tool is made for that situation.

Coming in at 4” in total length and made from stainless steel, its comfortable feel and dimensions mean it will fit snugly in your hand, if you’ve found other vape tools too small, that won’t be a problem here. The Tool is composed of two sections: a 2.5” reinforced stirring/poking end and a 1.5” grip section. The stirring section is nice and long to get into deep bowls with ease, for general vape work and maintenance, or even to scrape off that stubborn detritus! The grip section is super useful for tamping down your bowl or to help place a DynaVap CCD in position.

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