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Simrell Collection - MVS (Modular Vortex Stem)

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Simrell MVS (Modular Vortex Stem)

Meet the next generation in the Vortex family, the Modular Vortex System (MVS). Composed of three titanium parts to give you even more control over the coolest extraction experience you can get from a vapcap.

Built for Performance

The patent pending Modular Vortex System has been thoughtfully designed to give you the most control of your airflow.

The sleek two-part titanium stem now has two airport configurations, with all the wiggle room in between. The top half houses a standard fully open airport AND the new dual turbulent airport. Rotate the bottom half of the stem to adjust airflow as needed with our signature teardrop airport to curate the perfect hit. And don’t forget to flutter the airport to really get the best pull.

Modularity at its Finest

The core of the MVS is the Simrell Stinger – intercooler, mouthpiece and a telescoping condenser.

Made to be adaptable to any OEM or aftermarket DynaVap stem, the Simrell Stinger was originally designed to be used with two part Vortex Regulator stem.

Unlike Stingers released prior to the MVS, which were machine finished, the Stinger is now hand polished to match seamlessly with the Vortex Regulator finish.

No Tip Limitations

The MVS’s modulararity is apparent right down to the tip and cap. Unlike other stems in the marketplace, the MVS is not limited to a specific tip. It will work with both stainless steel AND titanium tips from any generation.

Mix and match your tips and caps, find your preferred airflow and start having an extraction experience like no other, tailored just for you.

Even Easier to Clean & Maintain

The MVS is as easy to clean as it is to put together. Disassemble, remove intercooler from Stinger and soak all the parts in ISO. Rinse clean and dry before putting it back together.

Scope of Delivery

1 x Stinger Mouthpiece
1 x Regulator Base
1 x XL Valve
1 x Standard Intercooler
2 x Condenser (short / long)