Starship Mothership H2O - 14mm Female Joint (Clear Black)

Starship Mothership H2O - 14mm Female Joint (Clear Black)

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A small but rugged glass bubbler that can go anywhere with you but still has enough water to cool big hits – the Starship features a standard 14mm joint with a fixed downstem that goes deep into the reservoir.  Its bottom is slightly wider for stability, the neck is bent so your eyebrows are safe from getting blazed and the mouthpiece is contoured and bent a little to keep the flame further off your face.  The Starship is perfect for on-the-go smoking/vaping/dabbing and it’s a great size to keep on your busy desktop without taking up much space.

Key Features:

- 4.5" tall, 1.5" wide with 14mm Flower Bowl included
- Bent neck and bowl for added safety
- Portable and provides ample filtration

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