The Reaper Mini Bong for DynaVap

The Reaper Mini Bong for DynaVap

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This pure glass piece is sized to fit your DynaVap stainless-steel or titanium tip, adding cool looks with cooled vapor in a robust on-the-go sized package. It features a downstem along with a carb on top for better function and bigger hits. The glass is thick, and the skull-shaped design looks very wicked as it bubbles to cool your vapor. Load your favorite DynaVap tip, insert it into The Reaper’s precisely sized fixed downstem joint, and rotate gently back and forth (don’t overturn with water) while heating until you hear the click, then enjoy your hit.


Key Features:

    - Use any DynaVap tip
    - Splash-free integrated downstem
    - Lots of conditioning with little water
    - Thick glass with skull-shaped design

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