Terp Slurper Banger Kit

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Distinctive in the fashion that it is built, the Terp Slurper boasts a fully welded joint, for a stronger, more durable design. This high-quality rig follows a very popular banger design, allowing for very low waste with an easy to load form and function.

Designed with multiplicity in mind, the Terp Slurper lets you make the decisions. Whether you're into huge dabs or little ones, it will cater your preference; the Slurper happily accommodates either.

Fitted with a 14mm, 90° quartz design, the Terp Slurper will be the premiere banger in your kit. The Ultimate Kit includes a 22mm Galaxy Sparkle Glass Ball Carb Cap, a 12mm Ruby Ball above the downstem, and an XL 1.5mm Ruby Pill to achieve the possible best efficiency.  Each Galaxy Sparkle Ball Cap has a unique colour pattern, no two are the same but they are all gorgeous.


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