The Scepter Vaporizer Water Tool (14mm)

The Scepter Vaporizer Water Tool (14mm)

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The Scepter / Sceptre

The flared mouthpiece makes it easy to use upright and the hole is big enough for vapor to pass through. Features fission holes for diffusion and air vents for easy airflow. This thick glass water tool makes it easy to attach to your Dab Cap and Water Pipe Adapters (14mm) for a cooler and smoother vaporizing experience

Key features:

    - Provides substantial water cooling and filtration to your favorite vaporizer
    - 7 inches tall
    - Easy to fill design, simply fill with the mouthpiece pointing downwards and the water tool will automatically drain to the proper volume
    - Spill resistant (not spill proof) design helps to minimize mess
    - A quality build that is sturdy without being too bulky
    - Bubbling and bent mouthpiece design work to eliminate water getting on your lips, experiment with draw speed and water volume for ideal results

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