Vibes Organic Hemp

Vibes Organic Hemp

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Organic hemp Vibes cones are beloved in the cannabis industry for a few key reasons, including their connection to singer and cannabis entrepreneur, Berner. Berner Vibes hemp paper is premium quality rolling paper used by everyone from novices to connoisseurs because of its user-friendly and healthier-than-average nature. These Vibes brand organic hemp cones are incredibly convenient and are preferred because of how simple it is to load and smoke them time after time. This 30 count Vibes retail display is perfect for setting near the register of your smoke shop or dispensary for those who remember at the last minute that they’re going to need something to smoke with and it might as well be something top the line.

  • Size: 1 1/4”
  • Type: Organic Hemp Paper w/ Installed Filter
  • Total Length w/ Filter: 84mm
  • Count: 6 Cones/Pack

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